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Quality Assurance Supervisor

19/10/17 14:53
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Full Time
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Job description:

1)      Implementing the company’s quality management system, assisting in onsite quality assurance and update of quality assurance records, and conducting quality assurance of the production process;

2)      Checking incoming raw materials, and supervising the onsite production quality assurance;

3)      Assisting the Quality Assurance Manager in handling customer complaints and other relevant work, and organizing personnel to analyze and handle anomalous situations;

4)      Verifying quality assurance deviation and alteration, confirming corrective measures, and following up results.


1)      Holding a junior college degree or above, and majoring in food-related subjects;

2)      Having more than 3 years of experience in working in Thai food enterprises, and more than 1 year of team management experience;

3)      Familiar with quality management systems and industrial standards of food manufacturing enterprises in Thailand;

4)      Good at communication, coordination, and strong in the sense of responsibility and awareness of quality;

Those proficient in Chinese and Thai, and their culture are preferred. 

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