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Quality Manager

19/10/17 14:52
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Full Time
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Job description:

1)      Organizing the department work under the leadership of the General Manager, and supervising department personnel to finish duties expected of their position;

2)      Organizingpersonnel to formulate quality management system documents, guiding and supervising implementation of the documents, and ensuring the company to operate in accordance with the industrial standards of Thailand, China and the international community;

3)      Responsible for reviewing legitimacy of qualifications of cooperating organizations, and their quality assurance capability;

4)      Leading and supervising quality assurance, including purchasing, acceptance, storage, production, sales, transportation, and refund;

5)      Organizing preparations for certification and inspection, cooperating with the authorities in finishing quality inspection, implementing and confirming measures to rectify disqualified items observed by the inspection;

6)      Responsible for the group construction and personnel incentive in the department.


1)      Holding a junior college degree or above, and majoring in food-related subjects;

2)      Having more than 5 years of production quality assurance work experience in Thailand, and more than 3 years of team management experience;

3)      Familiar with industrial knowledge and standards of food production enterprise system management in Thailand;

4)      Good at communication, coordination, and strong in the sense of responsibility and awareness of quality;

5)      Those proficient in Chinese and Thai, and their culture are preferred.

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